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Let Healing At Home Housecall Providers Come to You at Home

Our house call program brings primary care to homebound patients who are 65 years of age or greater. Our goal is to provide quality care while supporting aging in place and optimizing resource utilization.

Our healthcare team of nurse practitioners will:

  • Provide comprehensive care for patients who have difficulty leaving the home

  • Coordinate patients' health and wellness programs

  • Have difficulty leaving home for medical appointments

  • Have Medicare, Managed Medicare, or are uninsured and willing to pay cash


Services Provided in the Home:

  • Routine chronic disease management

  • Urgent sick visits

  • Orders For:

    • Lab work

    • EKG

    • Echocardiograms

    • Ultrasounds

    • X-Rays


Who Can Benefit From Medical House Calls?

Healing At Home LLC can help homebound patients manage all of the following issues:

  • Chronic illnesses such as heart failure, COPD, diabetes and more

  • Multiple medications

  • Falling or risk of falling

  • Loss or change in functional ability


Help with Caregiver stress

In addition to providing primary care for your homebound loved one, Healing At Home can also assist with the stresses of caregiving that can affect family members. Call us to find out more... ...

Your Livingroom is Our Waiting Room

Flu Shot?

Call to see if you’re eligible 609-241-9232
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